Swale Auctions is now the preferred Auction for all property disposals by the Kent Police

How it works?

If an item is stolen from someone and then recovered, once the court process has happened, the police try and re-unite the item with the owner. If this is not possible, they need to dispose of it. This is where we come in. All Kent Police Stations give us the stolen recovered items to sell at our auctions. The sale proceeds are given to Police nominated charities.

What sort of items do you get as police stolen recovered?

Anything and everything!
Items we have had in the past

  • flat screen tvs
  • designer clothes
  • jewellery gold, silver, precious stones
  • power tools
  • perfumes, new and boxed
  • golf clubs

Come and get yourself some bargains!!

Recovered golf clubs
Recovered power tools
Recovered jewellery

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